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STAS has been operative from over 40 years at BRESCIA (ITALY), and now is one of the best manufacturers of ballistics measurement equipment.
STAS designs and manufactures a complete line of products, ranging from sensors to comprehensive systems capable of measuring, displaying and recording performance characteristics of ammunitions, guns, hunting and sporting rifles, shotguns, pistols and semi-automatic fire weapons.
STAS ballistics instrumentation is intended for manufacturers of ammunitions and their componensts, guns and gun powders both for production and for safety and quality control test, in public and private laboratories, concerned with development and acceptance test of ammunitions and their components, weapons and propellants.
With many installations world-wide, STAS has developed a reputation of being a well-established supplier of state of the art, high-quality ballistics measurement equipment. STAS equipment offer the best combination of:
- flexibility,
- performance,
- easy to use,
- price
integrating hardware, software, experiences collected by numerous users and from their suggestions.


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